Time passes on and the point is to learn how to live."

| Francois Mauriac|

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If you’re looking for genetic studies, systematic arguments, or cultural commentary, you won’t find them here. 


If you’re anything like us, you’ve done the googling. You’ve been down the research rabbit hole and back. You know what not to do. Instead we'd like to invite you back to the beginning.


The story of this beginning - bursting with truth and goodness and beauty - waits to be told and retold until the end of time, when we’ll finally know it in our marrow again, purer than the first time.


And who were we there in the cool of the day? Who were we in that wild, primordial garden?

We were male and we were female. We beheld one another in all our intricate complexity, alike in dignity and yet wholly other. 


In the meantime - in this already and not yet - we invite you onward into the longing. The One you seek is already waiting.


Courageously enter into interior silence


Be fully alive as the whole person you are


Develop healthy relationships in the context of community


Form your conscience and make decisions for holiness

original solitude




The spiritual impulse of the human person tugs us toward wilderness, toward desert, towards the stripping of the superfluous in search of transcendent meaning. We know in our bones "it is not good for [the person] to be alone," so it can be easy to mistake solitude for loneliness. For absence.


It can be all too easy to avoid the tug in our heart to dig deeper, to cast our nets wider, to enter into the desert spaces.


We invite you to go there anyway.


Below you'll find resources from modern masters of the spiritual life - many in the midst of a celibate state of life - who speak honestly and clearly about their experiences of entering into solitude with God.

Fr. Walter Ciszek

Catherine Doherty

original integrity




You are a child of God, a daughter or son. Herein lies our most fundamental identity.

But you're also you - unique, unrepeatable you. You are chosen and loved from all eternity.  You have been born into this specific time. Your personhood - body and soul - has never occurred before and will never occur in anyone else. 

So who are you? Who has God created you to be? What are the charisms His Spirit poured out at your baptism?

How is Jesus inviting you to imitate His gift of self in a way only you can?

Now is the time to look up, look out, and live!

original community



This 6-part video series was originally produced for a Vatican-hosted interfaith gathering on the human person as male and female. Compelling stories and beautiful cinematography share the bigger picture of human sexuality in an inspiring, moving way.



We all need relationships. We need peers, mentors, and people we can help too. We need interaction with children and with the elderly. We need to encounter those from cultures and socioeconomic experiences different from our own.


Amid this great diversity, we need some key people to walk with us. This spiritual family is a space of vulnerability, support, and accountability. It makes our lives richer, increases it’s dynamism, and reminds us we’re not alone.


The resources below explore the necessary complementarity between the sexes and books on building healthy community.

original choice



The aching desires of our heart point to the possibility of ultimate fulfillment. Our bodies speak a language of potential and purpose. We can exist in fully alive, rightly ordered communion with others.


If you’re looking for more resources on the Church’s approach to same sex desires and sexual identity from the pastoral, scientific, and cultural perspective, check out our Sexuality Resource page.