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Reading puts us in contact with ideas and experiences not our own. It lifts us up and out of ourselves, while at the same time shedding light and forming connections on the interior level.


Reading is an act of humility. It admits there are things we don’t know yet, and that others in the world have something to tell us, something earned and of value.


Discussing what you read enables a further layer of discovery, challenge, and solidarity with others engaging the same questions.


We find this process indispensable for growth as a person.  We hope you will too.

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For young adult Christians with LGBT+ experiences, some have told close family and friends, some are publicly “out,” while still others keep things pretty close to the chest.  Many - even those with solid, honest community - know few others who are in the same situation.  To live an integrated life - and live it well - there are things that need to be in the light.


When it comes to the deeper wrestlings with sexuality, the person, and spirituality, it can be helpful to have healthy conversations with others who “get it.”



Young adults with an LGBT+ experience who seek to grow in Christ-centered community.


Book Club typically meets for 4-8 consecutive weeks, depending on the book length and time of year. Sessions occur on Sunday or Weekday evenings at 6, 7, or 8pm Central Time, and last for approximately one and a half to two hours. Weekly attendance is expected in order to participate.


We conduct our book clubs via video conference.  Once you’re confirmed to participate, we’ll send you more information on how to connect.



Our next Book Club will be reflecting on the book Can You Drink the Cupby Henri Nouwen - one of our favorites! This 8-week series will run from the week of April 8th to June 1st, 2024.

Registration closes March 24th.

“We have to live our life, not someone else's. We have to hold our own cup. We have to dare to say: 'This is my life, the life that is given to me, and it is this life that I have to live, as well as I can.'"


Upcoming Schedule

  Additional Dates TBD 

 Space is limited! If the clubs are full when you reach out, we'll place you on a waitlist.


Clicking here will take you to our community contact form to sign up for a story call before you participate. We want to get to know you!



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