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Catholics with LGBT+ experiences live daily at a cultural collision point.

Voices beset on all sides with opinions, ideas, and doctrines. 

Are we broken? Is this the way things were always meant to be?


Should we be ashamed of our desire for love and union or the way it’s directed?  Should we celebrate it?


What does this experience mean for our vocational discernment?


Do desires change over time depending on what we do with them?


Will we ever experience the exclusive, indissoluble, forever love with another human being?


How can we talk to God about this?  How should we share to others?

We could pretend these questions and more don't exist. We could turn a blind eye to our brothers and sisters and to ourselves.

But who wants that?


Within each and every person is a shard of this story.

We are sexual, striving beings who suffer our own versions of imperfect, unrequited, unsatisfying affections.

No one escapes this world unscathed.


Those who read the ache in our stories may, in compassion or outrage, say:

“Why does religion make sexual orientation need to be a cause for suffering? Aren’t we beyond that as a society?  

Why won't these people just 'love' who they want to love?"


We'll take a pass on that pity.


Modern privilege accustoms to the possibility of having it all ways.

But haven't we all decided - at different points of our lives - that there are things worth suffering for? 

That there are certain pursuits worth discipline and sacrifice?


When those decisions come around, do you pity yourself? 

If you have made your choice with clear-eyed integrity, we hope not.


We ask that you respect the workings of our conscience as we respect yours.

Everybody's got a story. Want to share yours? We're listening.

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