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belong (v.)

mid-14c., "to go along with, properly relate to," from be- intensive prefix, + longen "to go," from Old English langian "pertain to, to go along with"

We go along together.


Then why does it feel like I’m slipping through the cracks?

My affections don’t run straight. Do I belong to the Body?

My biology feels burdensome. Do I belong to the Body?

Are my “weaker” parts meeting the expectations of the “strong”? 

Am I honored? Am I forgotten? 


We go along together.


My ease with our Father in the garden has been lost, so has my full freedom with my fellows, those other burning bushes, alight with the Spirit’s indwelling yet not consumed. When did I stop taking off my shoes? 


Are we patient? Are we kind? Have I dropped my brother’s burden? Have I forgotten to offer up mine for the shouldering? When did my affection become a liability, not a gift? When did I start bending double to conceal the wound in my chest?


We go along together.


God reminds me from swaddled infant’s cry to pierced side. Guests at the manger. Three years of road dust kicked up by the Twelve and more, leaving behind a trail of miracles and change. Oh yes, there’s grotesque betrayal and shame. But hope awakens in the garden dawn with Mary and Peter and John. He has called us friends.

We go along together.


Jesus & Lazarus. Mary & Joseph. John the Baptist & Elizabeth. Ruth & Naomi. Paul & Timothy. David & Jonathan. Deborah & Barak. Francis & Clare. Teresa & John. Perpetua & Felicity. Monica & Augustine & Ambrose. We are community and complementarity. We belong to our mothers and fathers, aunts and uncles, mentors and directors. We belong to our grandparents and elders. We belong to our sons and daughters, nieces and nephews, apprentices and proteges. We belong to our brothers and sisters. We belong to our friends. Even to the stranger we walk unshod, for we have the same Father. We belong to each other.


Branches of the vine.

Shared responsibility.

Mutual belonging.


We go along together.


If you're an LGBT+ disciple on the way, striving to follow Christ in His Church, Eden Invitation is your movement. Come join us for incarnate fellowship, deep prayer, and a place to put your guard down for a while.

People in Park


4 days and 3 nights in a wooded enclave, meals included

Dynamic communal prayer and Catholic sacraments

Space for solitude and quiet rejuvenation

Poor cell network access

Great hiking trail and canoe access

Family dinners and happy hours

The greatest talent show of your life 

Talks on community and whole person thriving

Spiritual guides on hand for advice and life chats

| FOR |

$350 + optional $50 for airport transportation

The retreat is in the greater Atlanta area. Exact location will be shared with registered participants.


We will be closely monitoring the situation with COVID-19 on a national, state, and local level. Prudent, best practice protocols will be in place and mutually expected of participants. If you are unable to attend or we are unable to host - due to COVID-19 requirements - you are eligible for a free refund. 


We are unable to accept registrations from out of country participants at this time.


Retreat registration may not be open yet, but it doesn't mean you can't still be connected to Eden Invitation!

Click the button below to share your information and connect with our staff. We'll be in touch!

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