There is a great, big, beautiful truth beyond the horizon and dwelling within our hearts. 

There is resurrected life in the midst of our longing.

Our fifth anniversary marks a growing maturation and growth of our mission and community. Since our last Anniversary Drive, Eden Invitation has:

  • Trained 20 more volunteers to lead small groups and receive new participants in our Story Calls

  • Created and implemented formation modules on Sexual Identity & Integrity, Prayer, Friendship, and Communal Discernment

  • Launched 10 new Hearth Groups across the United States

  • Released three community story videos for our Porch Series

  • Spoken on invitational accompaniment for St. Paul's Outreach, NET Ministries, Franciscan University, Benedictine College, Legatus, and the Given Forum

Eden Invitation will continue to proclaim life in the midst of our longings, a whole person ethos beyond the strictures of the LGBTQ paradigm, and a place to belong in our Church. 

Join us in extending the invitation!



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Eden Invitation
1345 N Jefferson St. #445
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Eden Invitation, Inc is a registered 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization.

"Through sharing and solid formation, I’ve been reminded that true, authentic love is possible! This community has invited me deeper into relationship with Christ and authentic communion with others." 

| SHAWN, 19 |