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Want to share the mission of Eden Invitation with people in the confessional, at your campus ministry or even with a loved one? These contact cards direct disciples with an LGBTQ+ experience to get connected with community and give them an opportunity to get to know us and our mission! You are not alone in this pilgrim journey toward heaven!

• Mohawk uncoated cover paper
• Size: 3.5″× 2″ (9 × 5 cm)
• Paper thickness: #120
• Single-sided or double-sided print 
• Set of 50 or 100 business cards
• Blank product sourced from the United States

Product Category: Stationary/Print Materials

Shipping Cost for 1 or More Products in this Category: $6

Estimated Shipping Time: 5-16 Business Days

Community Contact/"Confessional" Cards

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