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Katie is a marketing professional and entrepreneur who brings passion for wordplay and story-telling to all she does. In her free time, Katie enjoys reading, training her dog, and going on road trips with her husband. Her favorite foods are pasta, cheese, and chocolate.

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This acrostic poem was inspired by my life as a person who experiences biromantic asexuality, contemplating how that is lived out in my faith, my marriage to my husband, and my relationships with God and others.

Katie Corbett

The Hidden Experience

Burning bush. God exploded into my life as

I wandered through a desert

Remembering the richness described by others

Only to feel disillusioned when I reached the Promised Land of

Marriage, absence of desires that everyone else seemed to experience

Asking myself why the feelings, the attractions

Never came. 

Totally committed to the life to which I’ve been called

Intentionally finding creativity in the ways I show my love

Contemplating the gifts and fruits of sensual absence.

An abundance of time

Capturing different opportunities to appreciate others

Eternally awaiting Heaven, being united, understood.

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