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Welcome to our Community Gallery

A gallery is a space to display works of art. 

In this gallery, you'll see snapshots of our stories

pictures and paintings,

poems and prayers,

pain and praise,

the Creativity-- that family trait we inherited as 

Children of the Creator.

In this gallery, we not only display the creativity of these artists,

We witness the Creator's own handiwork in our lives.

"I praise You, because I am wonderfully made; wonderful are Your works!"

| Psalm 139:14 |

*A Pastoral Note:

You may notice we feature very few faces and only some names in our Community Gallery.
Being "out"--sharing about an LGBTQ+ experience-- is a privilege as not all people may feel or be safe in doing so.

We are so grateful for those who do offer their witness and ask that you hold each person with deep reverence- as holy ground.
Our mission seeks to create a faithful space for disciples to feel safe and thrive amidst an LGBTQ+ experience, while also inviting the wider Church to seek the same.

barefoot royals | 2024

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