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As a young child growing up Catholic, Pip was always enamored by incense. 

When Pip asked the Catechist at their Jesuit parish about it, she, and some of the priests, said it was a visual metaphor for the prayers of the Church's faithful rising up to God. Pip has used variations of that description in several of their poems - including the one you will read here. 

Outside of their faith, literature, of all kinds, deeply influences Pip's work. Pip has been an avid reader and singer since they were in grade school. In fact, Pip's professional name is in reference to the hobbit, Peregrin Took. Pip also loves classic monster stories like Frankenstein, The Phantom of the Opera, and Dracula in both their original novel as well as in film, musical, and other adaptations. 

As an autistic person, Pip has always struggled to understand and relate to the world around them, and they would find it remiss not to point out the way that the social aspects of gender, combined with their neurotype, have impacted their understanding of the world. However, as we are beings of body, mind, and spirit, Pip finds something strangely fascinating about their own wild and wonderous struggles with gender. Yet, through all of the complexities Pip has faced under the trans* and asexual umbrellas, while remaining a part of the Church, Pip has seen the beauty of God in all of His children. 

As a professional actor and poet, Pip has met people in all walks of faith and life. This meaning, they also have many secular friends who have crosses and heavy stories of their own. Pip believes very strongly in the Universal Prayers on Good Friday that "in following what is right in sincerity of heart, may they/we find the way to God himself.

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A Free Verse Poem. Inspired by Incense, the Rainbow Connection, Muppets, sailing, St. Peter, synesthesia, gender-discordance, "Here I am, Lord," Moses, Washing of the Feet

Pip Buffington

baptized in the rain of the rainbow connection

organs play from the loft where rose

windows loom over us with blue glass

sparkling, but the red flowers bloom,

boom of the organ causing them to burst.

fire from the match that sparks the kindling.

sunrise and sunset as earth circles the Sun.

Spirit breathing life in the people.

to most, just music. just an organ. 

eyes, my eyes, see the dance of the flaming

tongues resting upon us. doves upon the host

miraculous becoming Body, and Spirit

rests in Word made Flesh. and, i just long

to rest secure in the promise of the Rainbow -

no more floods. let me be good enough. 

my ears see duller now. i confessed my rainbow

hymns and tongues of flame and doves.

strange is what they called it, and i buried

talents in the dirt and called them wretched.

grieved my life before i died, and left hope of heaven

long behind in that grave. don’t get on my boat!

lead your people through the desert? call

smarter brains for your bidding! ask 

stronger shoulders to carry your message!

liminal creatures, born women, with longings

for you to transfigure them into some sort of

man-not-manhood are not what you are seeking!

yet, here i am, Lord. with my ink stained

palms open to write the Psalms for every tongue

loosened to sing in whatever key they’re wont to find.

here i am, Lord. with my longing to be incense. 

prayers rising to you from all corners of the Earth

reaching up in transparent twists and turns. an offering

pleasing in its formless dance as it wafts on breezes,

puffs of air, and rests in the hearts of the Faithful. 

here i am, Lord. your raindrop in the rainbow connection.

lover, dreamer, and lost little sailor trying to walk on water,

succeeding for a second only to look down, and drown, on loop,

looney toon like in my grace. 

yet, you bend to remove me from the waves,

wash my scarred up feet, to go along on the way. 

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