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We go along together.


Hope is not a purely individual pursuit. Knowing others have gone before us, a"great cloud of witnesses," we're inspired on in the Christian life (c.f. Hebrews 12:1). In the absence of known LBGTQ+ experiencing saints, it can be especially helpful to know others going alongside us.


The late Pope Benedict, in his letter "Saved in Hope," points out that "this real [everlasting] life, towards which we try to reach out again and again, is linked to a lived union with a 'people', and for each individual it can only be attained within this 'we'" (Spe Salvi 41).

Being a disciple with an LGBTQ+ experience isn't always easy. It can be tough to trust in God's providential care, to celebrate our gifts, and see ways we're called to mission and service. 


But all these things are real for me. And they're real for you.

This spring, gather together with fellow Eden Invitation members in your region to be refreshed in hope! Deepen relationships with sisters and brothers who experience similar joys and sorrows. Laugh, pray, and linger over a meal. Take a deep breath. Rest and refresh. Gather in community for a weekend!

*Note, community weekends are not in lieu of our Annual Retreat (Mid-late September 2023, exact Dates TBD). Community weekends - though they will have directed content (talks, liturgy, etc.) and a specific schedule - will be more casual and focuses on community building in itself.


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Great Plains, West Coast 

Join us in the foothills of the Rockies for a full weekend of fellowship and communal formation! This weekend will focus intentionally on building up local community and empowering Hearth Groups. In other words, we're looking to going deeper with people we already know! IT IS ONLY OPEN TO EXISTING EDEN INVITATION MEMBERS, who have been members prior to 2022 or completed Book Club+. Space is limited to 31 participants.


$340 covers lodging, catered meals, and retreat materials*

$50 (optional) covers airport transportation - it's cheaper than rideshare!

*Denver commuter (non-overnight) pass available for local residents only for $175

March 17th-19th, 2023

Philly CW.png


 This event has been postponed until further notice! 


We’ll spend a simple weekend together, with plenty of time to socialize and build relationship. Eden Invitation staff will present vision for life together in community, and a few priests will be on hand for sacraments and spiritual support. We'll also leave plenty of buffer for you to simply be together over a slow morning coffee, long walk, or lively party game!


  • 3 days and 2 nights in cozy retreat center, meals and drinks included

  • Open time to be refreshed as you need, whether in solitude or socializing

  • Deep communal prayer and Catholic sacraments

  • Talks on communal life

Below is a TENTATIVE schedule. Please do not use it as a basis for booking flights, but rely on the specific details provided regarding the Denver or Philly weekends.



3pm-6pm | Arrival

6pm | Dinner & Social

8pm | Communal Prayer



10am | Morning Session

12pm | Lunch 

3pm | Afternoon Session

5pm | Dinner 

7pm | Communal Prayer



9am | Mass

11am | Brunch

1pm | Depart

| FAQ |

Q: What's up with this regional thing? Can I go to the location that best fits my schedule?

Community Weekends for a "region" are not a new concept in Eden Invitation! Back in 2019, we offered low-key Community Weekends in Philadelphia and Michigan, where most people were close enough to drive. As Eden Invitation continues to grow throughout the United States (and globe), our concept of "region" continues to expand! 

While Annual Retreat will continue to have a broad appeal, we hope that regional Community Weekends can become opportunities to connect with people near you (ish). While it is preferred that you attend the weekend closer to you geographically, EXISTING community members can attend either weekend. If this weekend would be someone's FIRST connection to Eden Invitation, only the Philadelphia weekend has the space and schedule to accommodate them. 

Q: I do live close by! Do you have a partial or commuter pass?

Community Weekends are intended both to enrich the local community as a whole, plus provide opportunities for deepening friendships. We encourage all participants to be present throughout the duration of the weekend, but understand the reality of other commitments. We are only able to offer a commuter pass for the Denver weekend for local residents at this time.

Q: $340? I could buy a Nintendo Switch for that amount! Why is this so expensive?

The price reflects the real cost to Eden Invitation for retreat center accommodations, food, and retreat supplies. Additional costs - including staff flights, team transportation & stipends, and even swag - are being covered by grant funds. In previous Eden Invitation retreats, these costs have also been included in the price. If this seems steep, thank inflation :( 

Q: Can I pay a deposit, and then the rest of the money?

Due to the quick registration turnaround, we are not staggering payment processing on our end.

Q: Are there scholarships available?

Yes! We've secured another generous gift to provide a moderate amount of $100 scholarships to both community weekends. Would this money help you get there? Click here to fill out the scholarship form.

Image by Henry Xu

“We must be saved together. We must come to God together. Together, we must present ourselves before him…What would God say to us if some of us were to return without the others?”

| Charles Péguy

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