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David T.

David T.

I first encountered Eden Invitation in the summer of 2018 from a college professor. I was writing a paper on Catholic sexual ethics, and the professor, not knowing of my personal experience with SSA, told me that there was this newer ministry that may be helpful for information. I reached out "for my paper" of course. A Zoom Story Call and Book Club later, and I was a member of the EI community.

Eden Invitation has helped me to live my life with SSA with less shame or fear but with a spirit of peace and courage, knowing I have a community in the Church where I really belong and can find support. I have learned how my experience of SSA can be a cross that sanctifies my life and blesses others.

Being in EI for almost 6 years now, it has been amazing to see the community grow from just a few people meeting over Zoom to an evolving community of hundreds of people meeting for retreats, in-person Hearth Groups, and Book Clubs from around the globe. EI has become an influence in the Church as a whole and has been a gift to invite friends into as well.

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