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Eden Invitation is more than a ministry, it’s a movement. We’re creating spaces not only for ourselves, but for our brothers and sisters to join us. They’re out there! The college student whose hasn't heard us at a conference yet; the twentysomething whose inner debate to get off Grindr didn’t matter until they saw your witness video; the twelve year old who just came out and whose parents donate to Eden Invitation. How our garden can grow!


Together we can co-create something beautiful. We can create spaces that uphold our beloved unrepeatability, brings us together in mutual belonging, and utilizes our gifts to draw others into the “good news” and joyful hope of life with Christ. Will you join us?



If you serve on the Relational Support Team, here are our commitments to you as a staff:

  • You'll receive comprehensive training on accompaniment strategies, Eden Invitation's policies and procedures, and role-specific equipping, including discussion facilitation and handling challenging pastoral questions.

  • Apprenticeship into your new role, by a staff member or a current volunteer

  • Regular check-ins with your staff supervisor for the duration of your program or role.

  • Bimonthly drop-ins for ongoing formation, fellowship, and communal prayer hosted by Shannon Ochoa, our VP for Community



There’s a certain spirit about what we do, why, and how. We have certain postures in the way we live and love others. As part of the relational support team within Eden Invitation, we hope these values impact the way you carry yourself during your times of service and—most importantly—the way you move through the world. If you serve on the Relational Support Team, here are your commitments to the community:

  • You'll uphold and integrate the values and posters of Eden Invitation (learn more by reading here) and our statement of belief (found at the bottom of the page here) into your daily life

  • Attendance at designated trainings (or viewing of training materials) and monthly Drop-ins to ensure you're prepared for relational support and cared for in the process. Trainings may include:

    • Eden Invitation spirituality and mission method​

    • Eden Invitation tone, terms, and organizational postures

    • Responding to top theological concerns and sensitive pastoral topics

    • Confidentiality and personal disclosure

  • Hospitable, pastoral, and prayerful leadership and consistency in the role you have taken on

  • Signed commitment and confidentiality forms to protect the vulnerable nature of interpersonal work

Our median age in the community lands in the upper 20s to mid 30s, extending even into early 40s. As such, having Relational Support Team members with life and ministerial experience is important to us. Having some margin between the end of adolescence and beginning adulthood can be helpful for these roles.

“Man cannot find himself except through sincere gift of himself.


| Gaudium et Spes 24

Countryside Road


The Relational Support Team covers a broad array of interpersonal roles. Some of these involve receiving the stories or answering questions from new participants. Other roles support our ongoing programs or groups, like book club, retreats, and Hearth Groups. All require individual empathy, vibrant living of our communal values, and a commitment to personal prayer.

"Remove your sandals from your feet, for the place where you stand is holy ground"


| God to Moses, Exodus 3:5

Image by Jan Romero
Story Intake


This person serves as someone’s first personal encounter with Eden Invitation. If you recall your first call with an Eden Invitation representative, it was a sacred space where the time was spent seeking to get to know you, honor your story and offer a place to process. Who reaches out? You might be the first person to hear them name this experience out loud. Maybe they left the Church over this years ago, and are wondering if they want to come back. There are plenty at all points in between!


Persons serving in this role will not only be receiving someone’s story but may also be asked to answer commonly asked questions. They may occasionally share about their own experience, as well (i.e. of Eden Invitation, their own story, a specific program, etc.). Those serving in Story intake will receive extensive training.


We recommend that persons who apply to serve in Story Intake be generally “out” to others. With the wide variety of people reaching out (who have not yet signed confidentiality forms), it is always a possibility that you would encounter someone you know from another context.

SPECIFIC RESPONSIBILITIES (~3 hours per week, ongoing)

  • Commit to consistent shifts throughout the year, subject to change based on your schedule and availability

  • Actively listen and maintain a posture of warmth, compassion, and non-judgement, even (and especially) when receiving vulnerable information of a grave or intense nature

  • Pray out loud with and for each person at the beginning and end of all calls

  • Follow a general script and set questions with an ability to naturally improvise when necessary

  • Answer basic questions about Eden Invitation & communicate with staff all questions or concerns needing further follow-up

  • (If asked) Share briefly about personal story/experience of specific EI program

  • (If asked) Offer insight on pastoral, theological, or cultural questions as equipped and relevant


  • Previous experience in pastoral accompaniment settings, such as church ministry, social work, etc.

  • Ability to maintain strong boundaries with a keen awareness of the purpose of the call

  • Ability to take clear, concise notes

  • Availability for 2-3 story calls per week in a private, quiet space with a strong internet connection

BC Guide

“The typical expression of opening Friendship would be something like, ' What? You too?  I thought I was the only one."


| C.S. Lewis, The Four Loves



This person supports the cornerstone of Eden Invitation’s consistent entry-level programming: book clubs. This role includes a gradual apprenticeship in co-leading with an experienced volunteer and/or a member of the Eden Invitation staff. Guides will receive additional training in group dynamics as well as identifying and navigating formation concerns (theological & personal). Once trained, it is hoped that these individuals would participate as a Guide 2-3 times per year.

SPECIFIC RESPONSIBILITIES (~5 hour per week, 8-12 weeks)

  • Commit to a minimum of 2 book club instances throughout the calendar year

  • Actively listen and maintain a posture of warmth, compassion, and non-judgement, even (and especially) when receiving vulnerable information of a grave or intense nature

  • Read and prepare assigned text independently, adding personal insights and/or questions to the weekly guide document

  • Meet weekly with fellow Book Club Guide to reflect on previous session, plan upcoming discussion, and intercede for all small group members (~1 hr/week)

  • Facilitate small group conversation each week of Book Club from an accompaniment perspective (~2 hrs/week)

  • Weekly check-in with Eden Invitation staff (~30 min/week)

  • (If asked) Offer insight on pastoral, theological, or cultural questions as equipped and relevant​​


  • Previous experience in relational ministry or small group settings, such as church or college ministry

  • Previous involvement in Eden Invitation book clubs, demonstrating empathetic listening, emotional intelligence, and supportive leadership

  • Availability for weekly calls (during book club season) in a private, quiet space with a strong internet connection


Rustic Bread Loaf

“Christian community is like Christian sanctification. It is a gift of God which we cannot claim. The more thankfully we daily receive what is given to us, the more surely and steadily will fellowship increase and grow from day to day as God pleases."


|  Dietrich Bonhoeffer, from Life Together


Hearth Groups are local spaces to foster shared life and mutual support in our discipleship journeys.  Eden Invitation also has “regional” Hearth Groups meeting online over a wider geographical area. As Eden Invitation continues to grow, we anticipate our regions to shift and our local groups to increase, thus requiring an increase in local coordinators.


The Hearth Group coordinators organize the group, facilitate the gatherings, and troubleshoot in tandem with the staff Community Coordinator. Coordinator terms are on an annual basis, with an expected limit of 2 terms consecutively. Ideally, each Hearth Group (in-person or digital) will be facilitated by two co-coordinators.  We recommend that persons who apply to be Hearth Group Coordinators for in-person groups feel called to gradually be more “out,” given the potentially external-facing nature of some responsibilities (i.e. finding a priest to offer sacraments, hosting an open Porch event).

SPECIFIC RESPONSIBILITIES (~5 hours per month, ongoing)

  • Between the two coordinators, hosting the group privately in one’s home (or digitally via video call platform)

  • Between the two coordinators, check in with each Hearth Group member individually at least a quarter (3 months)

  • Selection of module for Hearth Group gatherings (when applicable)

  • Collaboration and/or delegation for Porch Events or other components (i.e. accountability partners, M/W gatherings, worship leader, etc.)

  • Active encouragement and promotion of the gifts and initiative of group members

  • Timely communication to Hearth Group members regarding schedule and expectations

  • Monthly support check-in with Home Office


  • Previous experience hosting groups and/or facilitating small group discussion

  • Willingness to host in home or take an active role finding an alternative option

  • Willingness to address and mediate conflict

  • Availability for 2-3 group member check-ins on a monthly basis



Interested? Apply! Applications are open December 2nd-December 11th, 2022 at 11:59pm PT

Staff will review applications and will be in touch if an interview or follow-up is requested.

SAVE THE DATE! If you're applying and are asked to serve on Relational Support Team you will be required* to attend trainings on the following dates & times:

Thursday, January 12th, 2023 from 7-9pm CT (All RST Universal Training**)

Saturday, January 14th, 2023 from 10am-5pm CT (Role Specific Training)

*Live attendance is preferred, but recordings will be taken if not possible

**All RST Including previously trained individuals will need to attend to receive Universal Training since this is a new feature

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